everyone deserves home

Many Thanks

There are SO many people and businesses who make it possible for us to do what we do. And it’s not an overstatement to say that we really could not do it without you. Thank you to the following for helping us realize our vision of a community where no one is forced to sleep on the street or go hungry and everyone has the dignity that comes with home, health and connection.

TL Housing Solutions

“Now, more than ever, the work that Cool Aid does for some of the most vulnerable people in our community is essential and valued by everyone who lives and works here. Supporting Cool Aid is the right thing to do and it makes our entire community stronger.” — Lauren Antifeau, Director of Development.  

Cool Aid is so grateful for our relationship with the TL Housing team, who not only support us through the Homecoming Matching Challenge but are also working with us on our Crosstown Project. Thank you! 

PS: in this photo, some of the team are standing in front of the designs for the Crosstown project! It’s amazing to see these projects come alive! 

Butler Concrete & Aggregate, Ltd.

“Rising costs have been hard on so many people, and the matching challenge is a great way for businesses like ours to practice corporate responsibility, stepping up when we can, so that Cool Aid can have an even greater impact in the community. Join us. The more people who get involved, the better we all are.” — Travis Butler, CEO and President of Butler Concrete & Aggregate.

Locally owned and operated since the 1940s, Butler Concrete & Aggregate has helped weave the close-knit fabric of our community.

With such deep ties in the Greater Victoria area, it means so much to us that they acknowledge and support our mission to build homes and end homelessness.

Knappett Projects, Inc.

Knappett Projects Inc., has supported the development of many Cool Aid multi-family housing buildings and public facilities, including our Rock Bay Landing shelter, and our new affordable and supportive building at 210 Gorge.  

We are so grateful for our longstanding relationship with this team. 

“Those of us that have done well in this society need to step up and contribute to the social fabric, and I think Cool Aid is a vital part of that. What we do as a society to help those in need is also critical to our own lifestyle and our own sense of wellness.” – John Knappett, CEO of Knappett Projects, Inc. 

Peninsula Co-op

In 2018, Cool Aid received its first gift from Peninsula Co-op: $1,000. It was the start of an incredible partnership that continues (and is growing) to this day. In 2022, despite the toll that COVID-19 took on business everywhere, the Co-op increased its donation considerably, contributing an incredible $25,000 to Cool Aid’s Homecoming Matching Challenge.  

“We’re here to support the whole community, which includes lots of different people,” says Lindsay Gaudette, Co-op’s Director of Marketing and Community Relations. She also recognizes that sometimes all it takes is one small thing to turn someone’s life upside down. “Any one of us could fall on hard times…It could be your neighbour or your family member. And when they do, it takes a community, including the businesses and an organization like Cool Aid, to help them back up.” 

Megson FitzPatrick

As a local insurance broker firm, Megson FitzPatrick Insurance is familiar with the inequities in our community and we are so grateful to have their support in actively working to reduce disparities across YYJ. 

“We support Cool Aid because of the vital services it provides in our community, like helping people who are experiencing homelessness find a place to live, healthcare and support programs, and empowering people to access necessities like groceries. I would encourage anyone to support Cool Aid so that all members of our community have a chance to thrive and succeed.” – Erin Fitzpatrick, Megson Fitzpatrick. 

PBX Engineering

Lucky for us, giving back is part of the culture at PBX Engineering. For the third year in a row, PBX has donated $5,000 to our Community Casual Labour Pool, helping our clients train for and find reliable work. Thank you!

PBX Engineering is an award-winning consulting, electrical engineering, software development, systems integration, and project management firm. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that covers the complete project lifecycle across six distinct business units: Automation, Buildings, Industrial, Integrated Security, Municipal Utilities, and Transportation. Over 24 years of consistent growth has resulted in the assembly of a group of talented professionals with diverse skillsets and backgrounds that form the PBX design team. Our vision is to continue working with our clients, our partners, and our community to address their challenges and provide sustainable solutions of the highest quality.

What does it mean to be part of the communities in which you work?

We believe strongly in supporting the communities where we live and work. Over the years, we have supported several local charities by contributing to their programs, financially and in kind. Cool Aid’s mission to offer life-changing services to people who are impacted by poverty and homelessness resonates deeply with our staff. As a company, we feel strongly about helping people to make a positive change in their lives. This sense of social responsibility has become part of our corporate culture. As an active Impact sponsor, we receive regular updates illustrating the positive effects of our contributions. As a team, we are grateful and proud of this commitment.

What motivated PBX’s decision to become a sponsor?

Our charitable support program focuses on a mix of local community and industry support. Cool Aid is an organization making a real difference in our local community. We have seen the positive changes they have been able to achieve, and we are proud to support their efforts. We believe in what they are doing for our community. “Our team is passionate about giving back, especially when we are able to see the real impact of our contributions through the organizations we team up with” says Cory Edgar, PBX Director & Principal. “We regularly work on projects within the local community for Island Health, BC Cancer Agency, and BC Housing. In fact, we are currently working on several supportive housing projects for BC Housing within Greater Victoria. For Cool Aid specifically, we are working on the 210 Gorge Road Supportive Housing project, which involves the construction of a 72-unit rental building in Victoria” says Raj Atwal, Principal & Buildings Lead.

Why the focus on Cool Aid’s health and Casual Labour Pool program?

PBX Engineering has always supported the communities where we work. In recent years, and particularly since the onset of the pandemic, we have increased that support and strengthened our commitment to those communities. “Community support is needed, now more than ever,” says Andrew Townend, PBX Director & Principal. When presented with the opportunity to help, PBX Engineering immediately got behind the Casual Labour Pool Program, as well as Cool Aid’s other programs that provide healthcare services to homeless individuals suffering with mental health challenges and infectious disease. We believe in Cool Aid’s programs and feel privileged to be partnering with this exceptional organization.

Kia Victoria

A HUGE heartfelt thank you to Bethan and Brad Ostermann, owners of Kia Victoria, for their support of our 2021 Socks campaign. Their $5,000 contribution helped us purchase 10,000 pairs of socks to help keep our clients warm and dry this winter. And, incredibly, Kia is storing all of those socks on its showroom floor to make it easier for community organizations to pick them up.

Discovery Coffee

We were thrilled when our neighbour, Discovery Coffee, reached out earlier this year about a partnership and the launch of its Rock Bay Blend. Discovery generously donates a portion of the sales from the blend to us and our Rock Bay shelter. And so far, that tally is close to $1,500! That’s a lot of coffee and a big impact on our work. Thank you!

Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside

A big shout-out to Rotary Club of Victoria-Harbourside for their continuous efforts to serve vulnerable people in our community. Not only has the club granted a generous $5,000 to our Dental Clinic, but they regularly organize drives to provide warm clothing and other necessities for the people we serve. Thank you, Harbourside Rotary!

"I am so grateful and honoured to have spent time with these amazing, creative, talented and sensitive women. I have learned a great deal from this experience and look forward to future opportunities. "

Volunteer, Sandy Merriman House