Two Historic Cool Aid Films @ Movie Monday

40 Years of Cool Aid Culture, 2009, 28 min
& Building Futures, 1996, 29 min

When: Monday, June 27 @ 6:30 pm
Where: Eric Martin Theatre, 2328 Trent Street
Cost: by donation

40 Years of Cool Aid Culture DVD coverJune is the 43rd Anniversary of the founding of Cool Aid, an organization that has morphed from it’s beginnings as a stopover for transient young people, to the backbone of Victoria’s helping community.

The films are 40 Years of Cool Aid Culture (28 min), celebrating its history, and Building Futures (29 min) which profiles the construction of Cool Aid’sSandy Merriman House. The innovative project to provide shelter for homeless women was renovated from an existing building, and the work was carried out by women who would actually use the service.

We’ll open with music by the Minds at Work so come early! The films will be followed with a short discussion with people from Cool Aid and updates on its amazing and various projects.

Information: Movie Monday

Trivia: “When Cool Aid started on Balmoral Road, they felt the police would raid the place. It was Hugh Wade’s idea to have a front door key made and delivered to the Police Chief. They said the police could visit at any time but shouldn’t kick down the door, as Cool Aid couldn’t afford to pay for the repairs. They always sent flowers to the Police Chief on Monday.” (pg. 12 of Cool Aid History)