Swiss Natural Donates $65,000 to Community Health Centre

Swiss Natural donates $65,000 to Cool Aid Community Health ServicesNovember 9, 2011 – Victoria Cool Aid Society is delighted to announce the latest gift of $50,000 from Swiss Natural (Swiss Herbal Remedies Ltd.) to Cool Aid’sCommunity Health Centre. This very generous gift, like two previous gifts of over $8,000 each, allows Cool Aid to provide healthy vitamins to some of our 4,000 patients who are homeless and low income: government funding does not pay for most vitamin therapies.

On Thursday, November 10, at 8:30 am, at 713 Johnson Street (Access Health Centre), two original works of art by Hugh Matheson, a Cool Aid patient, will be presented to Dr. Elvis Ali, Naturopathic Doctor with Swiss Natural, and company representative Dianne McKerrell, as a token of Cool Aid’s appreciation for their very generous support of our work with health-challenged patients. The news conference will also hear from Cool Aid pharmacist James Pauly and Nurse Anne Drost on how vitamins are used to supplement the primary health care services provided at the Health Centre.

“We are so grateful that Swiss Natural has been so generous to our patients,” said Cool Aid’s manager of community health services Irene Haigh-Gidora. “Patients on a limited income and income assistance face challenges with nutrition and full micronutrient replacement.  For them vitamins are often essential. Without Swiss Natural’s support there is simply no way that most of our patients would be able to access vitamins.”

“Swiss Natural is committed to the health of all Canadians,” said Dr. Elvis. “We want to help people, like Cool Aid’s patients, who have health challenges and who would otherwise be unable to access vitamins and other supplements. It is our pleasure to provide this gift of health to the community of Victoria.”

The vitamins are made available to Cool Aid’s regular patients on a priority needs basis through Cool Aid’s pharmaceutical dispensary on the advice of the physicians and nurses who practice at the Community Health Centre. Vitamin C and probiotics have been prioritized for distribution during the cold and flu season, a season that impacts our patients so profoundly.


Swiss Herbal Remedies has been producing vitamins and health products for over 45 years to help Canadian consumers re-balance their bodies back to a more natural and healthy state. Today, Swiss Herbal Remedies employs over 120 Canadians. They manufacture, package and market over 400 products worldwide.


The Victoria Cool Aid Society has been building hope, lives and community in the Capital Region for over 40 years, since 1968, through a wide range of programs including primary health care and dental services, mental health and employment services, emergency shelter, transitional and supported housing, and the Downtown Community Centre. Cool Aid specializes in services for adults who are homeless or in need of help. For more information visit or call 250-383-1977.

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Irene Haigh-Gidora, Cool Aid, Manager of Community Health Services

Dr. Elvis Ali, Swiss Natural, Naturopathic Health Educator

Brianne Arnott, Swiss Natural, Associate Product Manager