Spunky Susan Has A Lot of Life Left to Live

Susan has been a client of Cool Aid for the past six years. She is a wonderful mix of spunk, generosity, happiness and fun all bundled up in her petite, five-foot frame. At 67, Susan has already done so much in her life — but as she told us, “I am going to live to 103 — I still have a lot of living left to do!”

Susan Next Steps 2017Susan spent most of her early life raising her two kids and working in various restaurants. Her passion is found in cooking and it turned into a career for her when she was younger. She had worked as a line cook, a chef, a server — you name it she did it! Still to this day, Susan loves to cook, and her dream is to be able to one day offer cooking lessons, free of charge, to those in assisted living facilities.

Her story takes a turn though, from raising kids and cooking, to having go through two brain aneurisms and a very serious brain surgery several years ago. Over time and other circumstances, this lead to Susan finding herself homeless.

As Susan told us: “If you had told me six years ago I would have been homeless, I would have said you were nuts! You know — it all happened so quickly.”

But Susan didn’t let this slow her down one bit. Being put in contact with Cool Aid staff, they worked hard to find her a home, a community she could be a part of, and to help her begin to re-establish her life.

“My friends Vic and Cheryl — they are my walking, talking Angels!” Susan was quick to tell us.

“Cool Aid has been wonderful — they have helped me so much with finding shelter and all of that. They are great!”

Susan holds a special place in the staff’s hearts. She is always teasing other residents, telling stories, and of course, cooking. Susan’s message to everyone is to keep living life to the fullest — to be grateful for each and every day you get out of bed in the morning, no matter what your circumstances. Her full interview and message to everyone can be viewed here:

To say the least — we could all learn a bit from Susan, and remember to be thankful for everything life has to offer us — no matter where we may find ourselves tomorrow.