Seniors sing out at Cool Aid Housing

Rob-Yvonne-Tony-2014While the blues might conjure images of sadness and depression, at Olympic Vista they are something to look forward to every week. There, seniors who have struggled with homelessness, addictions, and poverty can relax, make friends, and discover hidden talents and passions that were impossible to pursue on their own.

For Yvonne, that means the chance to write and perform her own music at regular jam sessions.

Click here to listen to the live recording from Olympic Vista of Yvonne and four fellow Olympic Vista residents having fun with one of her original songs, My Arms Are Empty Without You.

Playing on the recording are:

  • Yvonne (Lead Vocals), pictured center.
  • Tony (Rhythm Guitar), pictured right.
  • Rob (Bass Guitar), pictured left.
  • Andy (Lead Guitar)
  • Louis (Acoustic Guitar)
  • Kingston (Bongos)

Thanks to the generous support of BC Housing, Island Health and the Victoria Foundation, Cool Aid’s Rob Dunsmuir hosts regular weekly activities and special seasonal outings year-round at Cool Aid’s three supportive housing facilities dedicated to seniors.

As well as his musicianship, Rob uses his talent for gardening and his background as a professional cook to host garden-to-table workshops, outdoor activities, and a host of activities that encourage new and long-term residents to stay active, make friends, and take an active role in each building.