Hillside Terrace Referral Process

Hillside Terrace was designed to serve individuals who require the services of the VIHA Assisted Living Program, but whose behaviours or challenges prevent them from accessing most AL buildings. Staff at Hillside Terrace are trained to handle problematic behaviours that are sometimes associated with a history of homelessness, addictions and/or mental health issues, which allows us to create a more tolerant environment than usual.

Smoking is permitted within tenants’ apartments and small pets that are properly cared for are permissible with the prior approval of the building manager.

The building is designated for people aged 55 or older, however exceptions may be made based on care needs and ability to reside with a primarily senior population.

What are the basic criteria for acceptance at Hillside Terrace?

All referrals to Hillside Terrace must meet the eligibility criteria for Home and Community Care and for Assisted Living Case Management. Some of the pre-requisites include:

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident (landed immigrant) status
  • Resident of BC for three months prior to admission
  • Has been receiving home supports for three months prior to admission
  • Requires assistance with or cueing for personal care
  • Requires daily assistance with medication
  • Requires two meals provided per day
  • Requires weekly light housekeeping services
  • Can independently mobilize themselves to all required areas of the building
  • Has the cognitive ability to direct their own care
  • Does not exhibit signs of dementia
  • Understands associated costs, responsibilities and exit criteria in order to make an informed choice

What is required of the resident?

The applicant must agree to accept assistance with personal care needs, and to participate and comply with the normal requirements of the Assisted Living program. These include eating meals in a common dining room, weekly light housekeeping, medication management and other home support services as required.

Since meals and other activities take place in common areas of the building, potential residents must be willing and able to live in relative peace with their neighbours within a social, community oriented setting. It is an expectation that tenants will work together with the building staff and the AL case manager to resolve any potential conflicts or issues to ensure behaviours do not create undue risk for other fellow residents and staff. Violence and extreme verbal abuse are not tolerated.

Rent for Assisted Living is calculated based on income and assets as declared on income tax statements. This makes it critical that residents submit their tax returns to the CCRA on time. Doing so will also ensure that eligibility for Fair Pharmacare is maintained.

How are referrals prioritized?

Admissions are not based solely on a chronological waiting list, but are primarily based on the identified needs of the applicant, perceived fit with the resources available and the anticipated impact on the care and support needs of the current tenants.

Why was my client denied access?

While every effort is made to house people based on the highest need with the fewest barriers possible, we also have a responsibility to maintain the safety and well being of everyone else in the building. Therefore, applicants may be denied access to Hillside Terrace at Victoria Cool Aid Society’s discretion. Some examples of why people have been denied in the past include:

  • Extreme tendencies towards violent or other threatening behaviour
  • Active in the illicit drug trade
  • Requiring use of an oxygen tank while addicted to cigarette smoking
  • History of fire safety risks
  • History of extreme damage to property

How do I refer my client to Hillside Terrace?

Applicants to Hillside Terrace must undergo assessment by Home and Community Care to determine eligibility for Assisted Living. It is highly recommended that clients have an advocate, such as a family member or case manager, who can assist them through the intake process.
For information and access to Home and Community Care (South Island), please call (250) 388-2273.