Food is something most of us are lucky enough to take for granted, even when grocery prices go up and stretch our pocketbooks as they have in the last few years. Although food is a basic human right, many people go hungry – even in Victoria.

This year, Cool Aid will provide over 290,000 nutritious meals for clients at our shelters, seniors in supportive housing, and participants in some of the healthy living programs at the Downtown Community Centre, plus thousands of nutritious snacks. Our Health Centre’s nutritionist also helps many clients select healthy foods and helps Cool Aid plan its food services.

Most Cool Aid meals are served to residents in the shelter programs – Rock Bay Landing, Sandy Merriman House for women, and Next Steps Transitional Shelter. Last year, 154,000 nutritious meals were served to the shelter residents, three meals daily, and many more sandwiches and snacks were prepared for drop-ins. Many meals are also prepared and served for senior housing tenants, who will also be enjoying “community kitchens” to learn about nutrition, food purchasing and cooking, while they make meals together, thanks to a grant from the Victoria Foundation. Finally, residents at Mount Edwards Court enjoy two meals daily and one meal daily is served at Cottage Grove.


Ongoing and Holiday Food Services

A comprehensive list of ongoing and holiday food services has been compiled by the Coalition to End Homelessness.