Our Resource Centre links clients, families and other agencies with mental health and addictions information and resources. We welcome you to drop by, to take advantage of our resources and programs, use the computers, check your email, find the answer to a health question, look for a job or apartment, find out about a program, link up with an outreach or peer worker, or read the paper.

The Resource Centre is located at 465 Swift Street in downtown Victoria. You can also call us at 250-595-8619, or send us an email at rees@CoolAid.org.

What Can I Do At REES Resource Centre?

  • Talk to REES staff and volunteers on the phone or in person for information, referrals and support.
  • Use a computer, fax or copier, make local phone calls and read the newspapers.
  • Learn about Outreach and other programs.
  • Check in with the Community Casual Labour Pool.