Cottage Grove for seniors is Cool Aid’s second property in Saanich, and opened in February 2017 for 45 seniors needing safe and affordable housing and a little support. Many of the tenants chose to move to Cottage Grove from other Cool Aid properties for a variety of reasons, including its great location (Quadra near Tolmie) outside the downtown core and some of the views the four-storey building affords of our lovely community. Not to mention one hot, nutritious meal delivered daily to our seniors.

As people moved from one Cool Aid building to another, we were able to house new people who have been chronically homeless in Greater Victoria, and who need higher levels of support, into the vacated apartments. We are especially delighted that opening Cottage Grove allowed us to house 20 Aboriginals who have not previously been well served by housing options in the Capital Region.

The Cottage Grove property was originally purchased by Cool Aid from the family of the late Herman Rebneris, who built FairWay Woods and Johnson Manor for Cool Aid, and worked very hard and generously to make sure everyone has access to dignified and affordable housing. It is named after his development company: Cottage Grove.

Its purchase was made possible by many generous donors who contributed to Cool Aid’s capital campaign to build more housing for people with none. Also contributing were the Province of BC, the Capital Regional District, District of Saanich and the City of Victoria. It takes a community to build an apartment building!


Cottage Grove was made possible with the support of:

  • Province of BC and BC Housing (capital grant and ongoing operating dollars)
  • Capital Regional District (capital grant)
  • District of Saanich (capital grant and tax exemption)
  • City of Victoria (capital grant)
  • and many generous donors


(250) 385-5584
3207 Quadra Street
Victoria, BC
V9A 1L5