Cedar Grove currently provides 21 homes for folks who are marginalized for a variety of reasons, and are in need of safe, affordable housing. The Cool Aid staff actively involve the tenants in building a strong and healthy community. At the same time, we offer our tenants support to develop the skills they need to be able to live independently, and to understand the rights and responsibilities associated with being members of the larger community.

Read more about our current operations at Cedar Grove.

Proposed Redevelopment

Victoria Cool Aid Society has requested a rezoning of 210 Gorge Road West (currently the Cedar Grove) to allow for an additional 61 affordable apartments on the property (at reduced rents). Current tenants will be relocated to other homes during the demolition and reconstruction. The full rezoning application, including drawings, can be seen on the City of Victoria’s web site.

Stay tune for opportunities to learn more and discuss the proposed redevelopment with Cool Aid staff.


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