Through the provision of accessible and affordable services and our deep understanding of the roots of homelessness, Cool Aid is able to meet individual needs and make a positive contribution to building a vibrant community. Furthermore, Cool Aid is a very active community member through its participation in several dozen networks, coalitions, committees and working groups and is deeply committed to improving the quality of life of adults who have been marginalized and the broader community in which we all live.

For example, part of Cool Aid’s mission is to increase the awareness and knowledge of different members of the community (e.g. business owners, politicians, donors, the general public) around homelessness and its implications. Through the Labour Pool, Cool Aid’s clients are given a chance to engage in meaningful work suited to their abilities, while employers have the opportunity to experience how valuable our clients are to their business and the broader community. These jobs have an immediate impact on the lives of the workers by helping individuals feel empowered, gain valuable work experience and become more productive members of the community while strengthening the community.

Beyond its supportive housing apartments, all of Cool Aid has developed into a diverse, welcoming and thriving community. It’s a hub for those in need and there is an incredible sense of belonging within the walls of the Cool Aid buildings which people call “home”. For many of its clients, this community and the support it offers is the foundation for their success as they work to improve their lives. Above all, Cool Aid is a safe place for individuals to gather, to seek help in a warm and welcoming environment.