Cool Aid creates opportunities for people who are homeless or living in poverty.

Discover how we’re building homes, enriching lives and enhancing community quality of life in Greater Victoria.
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Building Homes

Beginning in 1991, with the opening of Swift House, and continuing today with 13 buildings containing 412 apartments of supported, affordable housing, each new development brings Cool Aid closer to realising its long-term vision of ending homelessness. Cool Aid has approximately 419 tenants in our various residences, listed below:



Cool Aid has over 125 residents in its three permanent shelters: Rock Bay Landing emergency shelter, Sandy Merriman House for women/women identified, and Next Steps Transitional Shelter, and many others in seasonal shelters. These shelters all provide food, beds, hygiene services and additional supports such as mental health services, help in finding housing, community liaison, and crisis and life skills counselling. Each shelter is designed to meet unique, varying needs.


Ending Homelessness

With your help, the Victoria Cool Aid Society and Coalition to End Homelessness’ mission is to end homelessness by 2018. Over the next five years, with your support, Cool Aid must raise $5 million to help fund the cost of building an additional 360 homes with support for people who have been homeless. To date, Mount Edwards Court is now home to 38 residents and Cottage Grove is under construction in Saanich for 45 seniors. We are asking that you stand along side us to help us continue to build homes, lives and community.


Let us know how we’re doing. We welcome your suggestions, compliments and complaints.

Building Lives

Health and Dental

Through an innovative, team-based approach, services at the Community Health Centre are designed to reduce the significant barriers that can affect basic access to health services.

REES Mental Health & Employment

Started in 1999 by and for people living with mental illness, REES’ approach is based on the idea that people with mental illness and addictions can make important contributions to the system that supports them. REES encompasses the following programs:


Food is something most of us are lucky enough to take for granted, even when grocery prices go up and stretch our pocketbooks as they have in the last few years. Although food is a basic human right, many people go hungry – even in Victoria.


Let us know how we’re doing. We welcome your suggestions, compliments and complaints.

Building Community

Downtown Community Centre

Cool Aid’s Downtown Community Centre focuses on healthy living, health promotion and social diversity. The Downtown Community Centre provides free, healthy, recreation and life skill programs for adults and youth living and working in the downtown core with a special focus on helping people who are homeless, street involved and at risk. As well, free use of drop-in computers, a $6/month voicemail service and facility rentals (gym, courtyard, kitchen and foyer) are available.

Casual Labour Pool

Cool Aid’s Casual Labour Pool is a free service that matches employers with workers looking for short term, casual positions.

Thrift Store

Beacon Community Services, in partnership with the Victoria Cool Aid Society’s REES Program, has opened an exciting new Thrift Shop.

Online Resource Guide

A searchable, online database of services available throughout the Capital Region to help people living with mental health and addiction challenges.


Let us know how we’re doing. We welcome your suggestions, compliments and complaints.