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Giving A Way of Life for Bloomfield Family

January 28, 2020

You may already know Michael and Christine Bloomfield for their socks.

Since 2007, the Bloomfields have organized donations from McGregor Socks and locals to homeless Victoria residents, which this year reached a grand total of 102,500 pairs worth over $500,000! What you may not know is how a beautiful relationship began and how it is just one of the ways the Bloomfields help Cool Aid.

“We were impressed with what Cool Aid does, but more so when we saw Cool Aid’s generosity about sharing the socks with other agencies,” says Michael Bloomfield. The Bloomfields support a number of community groups in Victoria through donations and time, including Avodah social action group at Congregation Emanu-El.

When asked about his motivation, Michael answered: “It comes from our Jewish tradition of philanthropy and healing the world.”

“Those of us who live lives of good fortune know how good it feels to be part of the community, showing gratitude for our blessings by sharing with those less fortunate. Life is made more meaningful because of that.”

On a modest household income, the Bloomfields take a proactive approach budgeting how they contribute to their community. “Make it a priority,” advises Michael, “and plan ahead, don’t wait to see what’s left over. And get involved with charities you support. Get to know the organization and people. Volunteer your time. Show your kids how important it is to have a kind, caring community and develop compassion in them too.”

“I find the staff at Cool Aid committed and dedicated to what they do, and that’s why we’ve become regular supporters,” says Michael. “When we wrote our new will, we also designated Cool Aid as a beneficiary.”

Cool Aid is grateful for their generous support but the Bloomfields consider it a worthwhile investment: “A healthy, prosperous community is the best place to live in, so we’re investing in that for ourselves and the future.”

Cool Aid was so impressed with Michael’s many contributions over many years that we nominated him, and he won this year, the National Philanthropy Day’s Outstanding Fundraising Volunteer Award.

Michael is the founder and executive director of the Harmony Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on sustainable community development in Canada, China and other countries.  Christine has her own list of charitable causes and together this is a family that gets involved.