Other Shelters

These other shelters are not managed by Cool Aid but we do partner with them and assist operations.

Extreme Weather

The Extreme Weather shelters are a community response program involving shelter providers (including Cool Aid), faith groups, social service agencies, fire and police, working together to increase the number of emergency shelter beds available during acute winter weather conditions of heavy wind, heavy rain, snow and temperatures of zero or below. This initiative was first introduced after a severe cold snap in January 2004, when the City’s Silver Threads building was used as a short-term emergency shelter.

When extreme weather conditions are predicted and year-round shelter beds are full, participating organizations implement the Extreme Weather Protocol by opening up additional shelters and moving to overflow beds. Shelter capacity expands from 265 to 365 emergency beds and mats, including 30 mats for youth from October 15 to April 15 and 40 mats for adults from November 1 to March 31. Please visit the Extreme Weather Protocol website for more information

Help Needed to Equip Extra Emergency Homeless Shelters

You can partner with The Extreme Weather Protocol by equipping extra emergency homeless shelters for extreme weather conditions by contributing resources such as blankets, self-inflating mats, towels, solid footwear and rain-proof jackets, as well as money, time, and additional shelter spaces.

Donations, contributions, and further questions can be directed to:

Jen Bacon, Regional Coordinator
Greater Victoria Extreme Weather Protocol

If would like to volunteer, please contact Gary Carleton at the Canadian Red Cross.

Out of the Rain Youth Shelter

Out of the Rain works to reduce the risks faced by homeless youth by supplying a warm, safe and dry environment for youth aged 15 to 25. The shelter operates 7 days a week, from October to April, rotating among hosts sites in the community in an effort to maximize community resources.

 Trained staff supervise the shelter. In addition to tending to the immediate needs of the youth and lending a friendly ear, these workers also aim to empower them by providing support and referrals to community-based programs.

Our very own Downtown Community Centre hosts the youth shelter on Fridays from 9 pm to 7 am each week.

Do you need an emergency shelter?

The Coalition to End Homelessness has provided a list of shelters in Victoria, which can be viewed on their web site. Please note, not all shelters are Cool Aid shelters.