Cool Views is the Society’s annual newsletter. It provides an overview of Cool Aid’s many programs plus exciting developments in the year past and what’s coming next as we move forward together to end homelessness.

Cool Views #10 – 2018

Special 50th Anniversary Issue

In this issue:

50 Years of Community Service

50th Anniversary Homecoming Gala

Cool Aid’s Big Picture

Housing Development

Founder Reflections

Evolution of Health Care

Photos from the Archives

Learning from our Clients

Indigenous Cultural Community

Beards and Pets

Poetry in Motion – Arleen Pare

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Cool Views # 9 – 2017

In this issue:

Blaine Sparvie Works Hard

Counsellors Help Clients Make Positive Choices

Support Services Last Year (by the numbers)

Sandy Merriman Gets A Facelift

Over 200 New Apartments and Counting

Irene Haigh-Gidora’s Community Health Centre

Homecoming Gala, Saturday, May 13, 2017

Cool Aid Benefits from RRSP Designation

Camaraderie at the Downtown Community Centre

Provincial Employees are Charity Winners (PECSF)

Community Centre Brings Food Security Home

The Unstoppable Beverly Unger

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Cool Views # 8 – 2016

In this issue:

John Crean reflections on a lifetime in housing

What I learned from Carl Young

Healthy granola and marathons

Cool volunteer Geri Nolan Hilfiker

Funding falls into place for housing

Linda Lumsden at Mike Gidora Place

Raymond James Drive to End Homelessness

Community Kitchen at Downtown Community Centre

REES moves to Swift Street

Poem: Flightless birds

Creative ways to give


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Cool Views # 7 – 2015

Learn about some remarkable seniors who have helped Cool Aid and the 45 seniors who will be housed at Cottage Grove thanks to your support. Read about our volunteer Campaign Team of community leaders who are Helping End Homelessness by raising $5 million in private donations to build homes. And much more…

Stories include:

  • Seniors Need Homes
  • Honouring Dr. Joe
  • Giving Back with the Bruckers
  • Cottage Grove for seniors
  • Bonnie’s story
  • Granola That Counts
  • Golf Drive to End Homelessness
  • Shelters Need Help
  • 93¢ of Every $1 Helps People Directly

Cool Views # 6 – 2014

Learn how Cool Aid, its supporters, volunteers and clients are all working together to end homelessness by 2018.

Click the image to view the online version of Cool Views # 6, our 2014 edition. To receive a printed copy, contact us at or call 250-414-4799.

Some stories include:

  • Local statistics showing we can end homelessness
  • Shovel-Ready New Seniors Housing
  • Healing Goes Better in a Group
  • Employment Changes Lives
  • Jerry Got a Fresh Start (profile of a senior tenant)
  • Map of Cool Aid services in CRD
  • Don Wagnor is Building a New Future (profile of a construction supporter)
  • Every Bite Counts (food for our runners)
  • Victoria Rotarians: 100 Years of Building Community
  • Provincial Employees and Canoe Brewpub gifts


Cool Views # 5 – 2013

Meet some of the great people that live and work at Cool Aid’s buildings, see some fabulous artwork, and find out what’s in store for 2013 in this year’s edition of Cool Views!

Click the image to view the on-line version of Cool Views #5. To receive a printed copy, contact us at, or 250-414-4799.

Some stories include:

  • Very Cool Events
  • Giving a Way of Life
  • Varied Voices
  • Cool Aid’s New Homes
  • Healing of Jerry McBride
  • Meet Cool Aid’s Red Seal Chef
  • Art and Home

Cool Views # 4 – 2012

Issue # 4 features the voices of Cool Aid’s clients, staff and volunteers as it reviews some of the new and old housing buildings at Cool Aid and some of the services that help people stay in their apartments. Click on the cover to download the PDF for reading.

Email if you want to be mailed a printed copy or a stack to give away. Your location can also be added to our regular distribution list by request. If you have an idea for an article, photos or images that speak to Cool Aid and its services feel free to contact Alan Rycroft.

Stories include:

  • From streets and boats to Swift House
  • My REES experience: a volunteer’s observations
  • 225,000 nutritious meals served last year
  • Why I love Every Step Counts
  • Every Step Counts for women
  • Poetry Rocks the Landing
  • Sam Charlie – salt of the earth
  • Paula Miller and the Toonie Group
  • Leave A Legacy? I’m not a millionaire!
  • Facts and Figures, Special corporate gifts

Cool Views # 3 – 2011

Focus on new shelter & housing

Issue # 3 highlights the many new services that Cool Aid has launched this year and the hundreds of new patients served at the Access Health Centre. Click on the cover to download the PDF for reading.

Stories include:

  • New Shelter Opens – Rock Bay Landing
  • Access Health Centre Services 1,500 More Clients
  • Voice Mail Service – Just $6/Month
  • Health Centre Staff Build Patio Paradise
  • Cool Aid Opens Queens Manor and More Housing
  • Remembering Herman Rebneris
  • Cool Aid Dental Clinic Gives Back Smiles
  • Chronic Health Management Physician Volunteers
  • Leaving A Lasting Legacy for Cool Aid’s Clients
  • Cool Donations and Did You Know facts

Cool Views # 2 – 2010

Focus on mental health and employment

The second issue of the new Cool Views journal focuses on the mental health, addiction and employment services of Cool Aid’s Rees program, located at 707 Johnson Street.

Click on the front cover or here to pick up the latest copy of Cool Views.

Articles this issue include:

  • Access Health Centre opens its doors
  • The Mentoring Project
  • Did you know? (Rees facts)
  • An oasis in the heart of downtown (community activity centre)
  • Fiona Hyslop – a woman of conviction
  • Extreme weather shelter
  • Community Casual Labour Pool
  • The unfolding story of artist Tony Van Deven
  • A brief history of Cool Aid
  • 40 Years of Cool Aid Culture DVD
  • New Thrift Shop downtown

Cool Views # 1 – 2009

Focus on the Access Health Centre

A new periodical called Cool Views has just been published by the Victoria Cool Aid Society to highlight its many health, housing, shelter and support services for community members who are homeless and vulnerable. You can pick up Cool Views online or contact our office to have one or many mailed to you or your organization.

The premiere issue focuses on Cool Aid’s community health services and the new Access Health Centre now under construction at 713 Johnson Street downtown.

The following stories can be found in the very first issue of Cool Views:

  • Building the New ACCESS Health Centre
  • Nursing for the Community
  • Desmond House
  • Victoria Makes Room for New Shelter
  • 40 Years of Cool Aid Health
  • 40 Years of Cool Aid Culture
  • Every Step Counts
  • Olympic Vista – Bringing Supportive Housing to Saanich
  • The Transition from Shelter to Housing
  • Dance, Sports and Boats for Cool Aid
  • Cool Donations