Nance’s Salute to Sandy Merriman House

Walking into Sandy Merriman House, the day we were to interview Nance, we were instantly greeted with the sweet melody of a guitar and an unknown singer. Once led down the stairs into a quiet room, there was Nance though, with a guitar on her lap and a note on her tongue — we had found the source of that sweet melody!

Nance is a well-known singer in the online world. Having recorded multiple songs to the virtual world over the past several years, and written hundreds of songs as well, she is a lover of all things music. Ironically, Nance has never sung here in Victoria. We hope that you will take a listen to her song and share it with everyone too.

Besides her phenomenal singing voice, Nance has a warmth and kindness that reaches out from her the moment you meet. She is currently staying at Cool Aid’s women’s shelter, Sandy Merriman House, and has made connections not only with the staff, but with the people living there too.

“The staff here are so friendly—they are amazing and that is why I wrote the song. The word Merriman, Merriman kept tumbling through my head so I started writing. The song came together in less than ten minutes and it became a kind of salute to the staff. It is the least I could do to thank them and all they have done for me during this difficult time in my life.”

Nance and her partner found themselves unexpectedly evicted when some unforeseen medical complications left them with some large bills. They had a short time to collect their things, pack up, and found themselves on the street. However, through a friend of a friend, they were put in touch with Kim at Our Place Society. Kim knew instantly that the best place for them to be at was Sandy Merriman House. Quickly putting things into action, Nance and her partner gained shelter, resources and a community in a very short period of time.

“We are so grateful… we have a community here.”

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