Online gaming never felt so good!

Local gaming company Codename EntertainmentBushwhacker2Puppy just helped end homelessness in a creative new way.  Between March 25-27, players of Bush Whacker 2 and Egg Breaker Adventures could purchase limited edition in-game items and support the Victoria Cool Aid Society’s Help End Homelessness Campaign. In 48 hours, $2,250 in worldwide sales from these items coming to Codename Entertainment was donated, helping Cool Aid to build 360 apartments for people who are homeless in Greater Victoria.

Thank you Codename Entertainment, and gamers everywhere who supported this project!

“In Victoria business and community are two sides of the same coin,” said Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps. “I’m thrilled to see tech – Victoria’s largest private sector industry – stepping forward and taking leadership to help solve Victoria’s most pressing social problem.”

Eric Jordan, Codename Entertainment’s CEO and a lifetime gamer, is also a former Cool Aid Director and former Co-Chair of the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness.

“Homelessness is an issue very close to my heart,” Jordan said. “I wanted to break new ground by providing an opportunity for our players from around the world to make a real contribution towards ending homelessness in the Capital Region. I hope we’ll also inspire other local tech companies to create equally fun adventures for this great cause.”

“As a former software developer I have a soft spot in my heart for geeks and gamers of every flavour,” said Alan Rycroft, Cool Aid’s community relations officer. “I was excited when Eric approached us with this novel idea, because I believe the region’s biggest industry can make a huge difference and help end homelessness.”

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