Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Rally

Saturday, September 8, 10 am to 2 pm

Legislative Assembly Lawns, Victoria

Imagine for a moment, what the picture of mental health care in Canada really looks like. How one in five Canadians struggle with their mental health and approximately 55 deaths occur from suicide every day. Picture an annual cost to society of about $50 billion dollars to cover situations where preventable mental illness was not treated. Consider what it looks like for the ever-increasing number of youth who are facing death from suicide; or how health care providers struggle, with dwindling resources, to support suffering of epic proportions. Now add to the picture governments who are quick to order another study but tragically slow to act. On Saturday, September 8, help us create a better picture. Join hands with other concerned Canadians and raise awareness about mental health and suicide.

“Anyone who has been touched by suicide is a survivor. Survivors are the people who help the victims, the people who think about ending their lives, and the people who need to relearn life after losing a loved one. I am one of the lucky ones. I survived my suicide attempts but survival without hope is despair. I believe the rally is important to let each other know we are not alone. The rally creates a safe place for the people behind the statistics to come together, the survivors like you and me, and that coming together will turn despair into hope. I ‘hope’ to see you on September 8.”            

– Jean Oliver, President

* Statistics combined from the CASP “Blueprint Study” (2009); Federal Government’s “Changing Directions, Changing Lives” (2012); Cowichan Nation’s declaration: “State of Emergency”.