A good will makes all the difference

To everyone reading this, the Victoria Cool Aid Society wants you to lead a long, happy life. As part of Make-a-Will Week in British Columbia (April 6-12), we also urge you to reach out to your professional advisor and write or update your will. Having an up-to-date will is the best way to protect the interests of your children and loved ones, and to ensure that your favourite charities receive the bequest you may wish to give.

If you have never considered a will, it’s the perfect time to start! There are some easy resources to help you planning:

Cool Aid cannot provide legal advice on how to write your will although we are happy to talk to you about our work and your wishes. If you are considering a bequest to Cool Aid, talk to your lawyer, notary or financial advisor about the right method of giving for you. For more information about leaving a bequest in your will for Cool Aid, click here or contact Alan Rycroft (250-414-4781, arycroft@CoolAid.org) or Kathy Stinson (250-383-1977).

If you do decide to leave a gift in your will to Cool Aid, we appreciate hearing about it. Knowing your wishes will help ensure that your gift is used as intended. Knowing you personally allows us to thank you today for your future generosity.