Leonard Is All Smiles Thanks to Cool Aid Dental

Some of you may recognize Leonard James; he is an established public speaker within the Greater Victoria area, and partners with the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness. Leonard is a keynote speaker who shares his experiences in hopes that he can stop from others from making some of the mistakes he has made.

But Leonard has been able to overcome his challenges and adversity—and has stable housing, stable work and a set of shiny pearly whites to boot—thanks to the Victoria Cool Aid Society Dental Clinic!

Mr. James first came to the dental clinic when he had abscessed teeth.

“My friend told me how harmful they were—and recommended I come here. I was hesitant as I don’t like dentists… but everyone here was so caring and gentle.”

Leonard not only had his abscesses taken care of, but he also now sports a set of brand new set of dentures that keep him smiling from ear to ear. To some a full smile may seem small, and is something many take for granted, but as Leonard pointed out during our interview, people don’t realize how important having a full set of teeth and an attractive smile can be for someone’s confidence-it can make a world of difference in one’s life.

Good teeth can also be an important factor in obtaining an apartment or work.

Leonard now has no shortage of confidence and as he tells us he has to remind himself: “Head up Leonard — show off that smile.”

Watch Leonard’s full interview below. Check out Cool Aid’s YouTube Channel to see more videos.