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At Cool Aid we are very grateful to members of the public and organizations that help end homelessness by promoting Cool Aid’s work and holding fundraising, educational and promotional events.

To promote Cool Aid with a link on your web site or in printed or web-format materials:

Please feel free to use the above images. Other images and logo versions are available upon request.

If you would like to use coloured text that matches our logo please use RGB colouring 28-69-151 for blue and 247-161-26 for yellow.

When using our name, feel free to use Victoria Cool Aid Society or Cool Aid, but please ensure that the words are separated and capitalized, and that Cool is spelled with a “C”. When space for text is available, please use our “tagline”:

Building Homes, Lives and Community

and, space permitting, Cool Aid’s “positioning statement”:

We create opportunities for people who are homeless or living in poverty. We make a difference through housing, health care, support and emergency shelters.

To organize an event or campaign to benefit Cool Aid

Please contact Alan Rycroft to discuss (250-414-4781,

If you would like Cool Aid to spread the word of your campaign or event to our network, please be ready to provide us with:

  • a high-resolution version of your logo
  • a version of an advertising banner we could use online or in emails
  • a web page address (if available)
  • printed materials (if available)