Jerry’s Journey to Swift House

Within the first few minutes of conversing with him, you instantly know that you can tell him anything and there will be no judgement, no criticism—only support and someone who is willing to listen.  What makes Jerry so easy to talk to? Perhaps it comes from the openness in which he shares his own story.

Mr. McBride was kicked out a recovery house in 2010—and suddenly, as many Cool Aid clients will tell you— found himself homeless in an instant. That’s where Cool Aid stepped in. Jerry partnered with Larry Stevens at REES Support Services and started off with stays at Cool Aid’s Rock Bay Landing Shelter.

“It built up… I was homeless and I had to figure out how to get by. [Larry] would sit down and talk with me about solutions to combat my homelessness.”

From Rock Bay, Jerry continued to work with Larry and a client service worker named Veetus, who helped him to move onto a transitional shelter, and then finally an apartment at Swift House!

Jerry was able to able to increase his income, work on overcoming his addictions, and has gotten his life back.

“Today I am still at Swift House—I still meet with Larry Stevens because I can connect with him. Larry Stevens, Veetus, and the staff of Cool Aid, have been a huge part of my journey!”

Check out Jerry’s full interview on Cool Aid’s Youtube Channel!