Homeless Needs Survey 2007


Cool Aid sponsored the Victoria Homeless Needs Survey, held from Monday, February 5 through Friday, February 9, 2007. The full research report, “Housing First – Plus Supports“, is available online as well as an Executive Summary. Additional informational resources are available such as fact sheets and a presentation.

The objectives of this week-long event included:

  • Determining what it will take to give those who are homeless the services and housing that they need
  • Providing supportive research for effective policy development, service planning and fund development for all participating agencies
  • Raising public and community awareness of homelessness
  • Building upon communication and partnerships between service providers, business and government regarding homelessness
  • Producing a current estimate of how many people are homeless in our region


The Survey was a two-part project that included enumeration and volunteer-conducted questionnaires. The enumeration occurred on Monday, February 5, 2007. Facilities and agencies tallied homeless families and individuals who were either sheltered or otherwise served. The enumeration of individuals in shelters, institutions, motels and other locations was based on their nighttime occupancy on February 5, 2007.


Brief (approximately 15-30 minutes) survey questionnaires and interviews consisted of an invitation to people who were homeless to identify themselves at about 50 survey locations throughout the Capital Region. These access points included approximately 40 service providers (e.g. food banks) and outdoor locations using the Salvation Army’s Beacon Bus. A short questionnaire provided an opportunity to connect with this population and gain insight into how many people are currently experiencing homelessness and the obstacles they face which prevent them from finding permanent housing. In addition to conducting these questionnaires, volunteers distributed supplies and food to those in need who visited the access points.

Volunteer Survey Teams

Volunteers were organized into teams which included two or more members:

    1. Surveyor: A homeless-experienced volunteer (referred by a service provider) and/or another community volunteer usually conducted the survey with persons who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. (Some who were surveyed elected to fill out the survey themselves.)
    2. Team Leader: survey teams had a third member, a professional who works with people who are homeless, who helped out and was responsible for the team’s safety, assisting with any challenging situations that arose.

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