Cool Aid Volunteers Receive The Bay Centre’s Support

April 23, 2010 – The volunteer program of Victoria Cool Aid Society’s mental health and employment services will benefit from a $2,000 donation from The Bay Centre. The gift from The Bay Centre coincides with National Volunteer Week (April 18-24) – a celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Victoria and across the country.

The Victoria Cool Aid Society thanks dozens of volunteers who are central to its REES (Resources, Education, Employment and Support) Program and thanks over 100 other volunteers who make a difference to clients’ lives every day at its emergency shelters, dental clinic and supportive housing programs.

“We are so grateful for our amazing volunteers, who enhance the lives of thousands of our clients every year – providing services that Cool Aid could not offer without them,” said executive director Kathy Stinson. “At our REES Program, volunteers mentor people living with mental illness and overcoming addictions, help our clients find housing, employment and supports, and produce a monthly publication to assist the many citizens and organizations working to improve mental health in our community. REES volunteers help over 100 people every day.”

“Victoria is fortunate to have over 138,000 volunteers who are committed to enriching the lives of others through volunteerism,” said Darlene Hollstein, General Manager of The Bay Centre. “It is because of these individuals that organizations such as the Victoria Cool Aid Society can deliver essential programs to thousands of people in need on an annual basis.”

The Victoria Cool Aid Society has been building hope, lives and community in the Capital Region for over 40 years, since 1968, through a wide range of programs including supported housing, community health and dental services, emergency shelter, mental health supports, and a casual labour pool for adults who are homeless or in need of help.

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Kathy Stinson, Executive Director, Cool Aid

Darlene  Hollstein, General Manager, The Bay Centre