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General Enquiries

Cool Aid is a big organization with 20 locations, but no matter who you contact, we’ll try to connect you with the right person. Below are contacts for our most common enquiries.

Central Services office hours:

Monday & Tuesday – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Wednesday – closed (open only for appointments and deliveries)

Thursday & Friday – 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays – Closed

Position Email Address Phone Number

General Enquiries

society@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

Compliments, Suggestions & Complaints

society@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

Dental Clinic

dentalreception@coolaid.org 250-383-5957


donate@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

Downtown Community Centre

dcc@coolaid.org 250-383-0076

Community Health Centre

medicalreception@coolaid.org 250-385-1466 / 778-698-1219 fax


affordablehousing@coolaid.org 250-414-4789

Human Resources

tsopel@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

Properties Being Developed

shurst@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

REES Support Services

rees@coolaid.org 250-595-8619

Society Membership

board@coolaid.org 250-383-1977

Media / Website

trobertson@coolaid.org 250-893-6800



Name Street Address Postal Code Phone Number Email Address

Central Services

101-749 Pandora Ave. V8W 1N9 250-383-1977 society@coolaid.org

The Balmoral

959 Balmoral Rd V8T 1A7 250-383-1977 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

210 Gorge

210 Gorge Road East V9A 1L5 250-383-1977 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Cottage Grove

3207 Quadra Street V8X 1G2 250-385-5584 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Desmond House

717 Pandora Avenue V8W 1N9 250-388-4886 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

FairWay Woods

597 Goldstream Avenue V9B 6P2 250-474-0537 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Hillside Terrace

1460 Hillside Avenue V8T 2B7 250-812-3358 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Johnson Manor

1153 Johnson Street V8V 3N9 250-381-3146 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org


650 Speed Avenue V8Z 1A4 250-383-1977 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Mike Gidora Place

749 Pandora Avenue V8W 1N9 250-414-4797 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Mount Edwards Court

1002 Vancouver Street V8V 3V8 778-265-3456 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Olympic Vista

3806 Carey Road V8Z 4C4 250-383-3301 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Pandora Apartments

757 Pandora Avenue V8W 1N9 250-383-0064 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Queens Manor

710 Queens Avenue V8T 1M2 250-360-7895 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Swift House

467 Swift Street V8W 1S2 250-383-5917 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

Tally Ho

3020 Douglas Street V8T 4N4 778-265-0014 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org

The Tower at Muncey Place

3020 Blanshard V8T 5C7 250-383-1977 neighbourfeedback@coolaid.org


Name Street Address Postal Code Phone Number Email Address

Next Steps

2317 Dowler Place V8T 4H5 250-381-2159 nextsteps-shelter@coolaid.org

Rock Bay Landing

535 Ellice Street V8T 2G8 250-383-1951 rbl@coolaid.org

Sandy Merriman House
for women

101-749 Pandora Ave V8W 1B3 250-480-1408 merriman@coolaid.org


Name Street Address Postal Code Phone Number Email Address

Community Health Centre

713 Johnson, Ground Floor V8W 1M8 250-385-1466 / 778-698-1219 fax medicalreception@coolaid.org

Dental Clinic

713 Johnson, 2nd Floor V8W 1M8 250-383-5957 dentalreception@coolaid.org