Celebrating Ten Years of Eric’s Chili Bandit Supper

Bandit Chili SupperTen years ago, Eric walked into the Downtown Community Centre with a vision. A vision of offering entertainment, a warm meal, and an evening to remember to those who otherwise wouldn’t get to experience anything like it. Donna, our Community Centre Coordinator listened to Eric and took his idea and helped him grow it into the event that we are gearing up for this December 10, 2016:

The Bandit Benefit Chili Supper & Concert!!

This dinner is a chance for anyone and everyone to get a warm meal, listen to some fantastic music, and to enjoy — at no cost to them! But that’s not the only thing that makes this dinner special. The humble beginnings and the back story of how this event came to be are truly inspiring.

The first year Eric planned this dinner he himself was homeless. Eric had unfortunately, been a car accident that year and was out of work. He came to the Downtown Community Centre looking for help and assistance in getting his life back. Donna and the team stepped right up, and with the help of Cool Aid and the resources offered he overcame every challenge that he faced. To top it all off, he gave something back to Cool Aid and the community Centre, in the form of the Chili Bandit Supper & Concert.

Eric, with the help of the Downtown Community Centre, and multiple sponsors around the greater Victoria area, have been able to keep this dinner going for ten straight years! It has become a staple and tradition once December hits and we have been able to watch him turn it into something far greater than just one dinner — it’s a stepping stone in creating community!

We are thrilled to be able to work with Eric year after year to continue on with this wonderful event and invite you to check out his video about what the dinner means to him: