Blaine Sparvie Works Hard

blaine-wendy-labour-pool-web-2016-septWendy from Cool Aid’s Labour Pool would like to introduce you to Blaine Sparvie.

For the past ten years, Blaine has been finding work using Cool Aid’s Labour Pool; earning income, learning new skills and building confidence.

Blaine has been able to secure near full-time work through the Labour Pool, and in an interview jokingly stated that, “I am so busy now… maybe it’s time for a vacation!”

But joking aside, Blaine has worked hand-in-hand with Cool Aid to get off the streets and into safe housing, build a steady stream of employment, and find a community that cares and supports him.

Blaine has gained skills and experience that he would not have otherwise received had it not been for the work he has found through Cool Aid’s Labour Pool these last ten years.

When asked what he would say to those at Cool Aid who have helped him, he replied:

“What would I say? Oh gosh—THANK YOU! Thank you for listening, thank you for helping, and thank you for just being there. Cool Aid has helped a lot – hundreds of people – not just me.”

Check out Blaine’s Video Interview on Cool Aid’s YouTube channel.

Learn more about the Casual Labour Pool at or call Wendy at 250-388-9296 to book a skilled or general worker for your business, garden, home or move.