Arts Festival Stage Program and Artist Bios

Cool Aid Culture - Arts Festival & 40th Reunion posterSaturday’s Arts Festival includes over six hours of live music and poetry including 26 performers and bands and 38 visual artists displaying and selling their work. The full program with band and artist bios is below. The Cool Aid Culture – Arts Festival & 40th Reunion will be held, rain or shine, this Saturday, August 16 from 1 to 7 pm at Centennial Square.

The “Cool Aid Culture – Arts Festival & 40th Reunion” also includes street acts, a children’s area, and 4½ hours of “Doggy Idol” for dog lovers and their furry friends (program also attached). Additional information about the Arts Festival including an overview and site map can be found at or by calling 250-590-1931.

A few volunteers are still needed . If you want to help out, please come toCentennial Square on Saturday anytime between 8 am and 12 noon and report in to the volunteer office to get an assignment. We also need posterers. Call 250.590.1931 to arrange pick up or click on the poster image above to get a full-sized version you can print on your own printer. Thank you.

The Victoria Cool Aid Society has been building hope, lives and community in the Capital Region for 40 years, since 1968, through a wide range of programs including supported housing, community health and dental services, emergency shelter, and a casual labour pool. For more information visit or call 250-383-1977.

The Government of Canada has contributed funding to this initiative.

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Kathy Stinson, Executive Director
250-383-1977, 250-812-6480 Saturday,

Alan Rycroft, Community Relations Coordinator
250-414-4781, 250-893-6800 Saturday,
  – musician and art photos available by request

Cool Aid Culture – Main Stage

Saturday, August 16 @ 1-7 pm

30 Children of Celebrities Rock/Pop
15 Christian Tatonetti Folk
1:30 5 KATHY STINSON, Cool Aid Executive Director
25 Weak Patrol Rock Band
5 Louise MacLaren Poetry
15 Gary McDougall Folk
2:15 5 LAURISSA CHAPPLE, Cool Aid Arts Festival
10 James Hillier Theatrical
20 The 3 M’s Blues/Jazz/Rock
15 Rena Rock/Blues solo
3:00 5 JOHN CREAN, Cool Aid Housing
15 Mark Ashby Original Folk
30 The Essentials Old Rock & Roll/Blues
15 Sundog Dave Folk
3:45 5 GRETCHEN BREWIN, Cool Aid Director
30 James Kasper Folk
10 Sarah Ann Chisholm theatrical
10 Alley Cat Poetry
30 Zolabud Rock
15 Lee Hammer Old School Blues/Folk
5:30 5 JANE DEWING, Cool Aid (former Executive Director)
15 Sarah Kirsch Opera
15 Thomas Radcliff Folk
5 Terra Timers Poetry
5 Midnight Star Poetry
10 Willow Song Opera
6:30 5 KEN KELLY, Downtown Victoria Business Association
30 The Roper show Rock/Blues Band
15 Mark Folk
10 Spoons & Therin Experimental

Schedule for Doggy Idol

Saturday, August 16 @ 1 – 5:30 pm

Centennial Square, Victoria City Hall


Part of Cool Aid Culture – Arts Festival


 1 pm Canine Good Neighbour fun test
Novice Agility course will be running at the same time
 1.30 pm Dog/owner ball and spoon race (dogs will be on leash)
 2 pm Dog with the waggiest tail
 2.20 pm Dog with the most unique trick
 2.45 pm Canine Good Neighbour fun test
Novice Agility course will be running at the same time
 3.15 pm Fastest Eater
 3.30 pm Owner most like dog
 3.50 pm Canine Good Neighbour fun test
Novice Agility course will be running at the same time
 4.20 pm Dog with the most appealing eyes
 4.40 pm Best Dressed Dog (Owners dress dogs up)
 5.10 pm Canine Good Neighbour fun test
Novice Agility course will be running at the same time


Cool Aid Culture – In the Square

Saturday, August 16 @ 1-7 pm


Time   Name Genre Location
1-7 pm The Nine of Wands – “Kat” Psychic-Seer Wandering
1-7 pm Keith Jenkins Living Statue Pandora Ave
1-2 pm Metro’s Dulcimer Sounds Celtic Government & Fisgard
2-3 pm Open Door Choir with Louise Rose Vocal Government & Fisgard
3-4 pm Random Acts of Violin Violin Government & Fisgard

Map of Centennial Square

Active Image



Click on the Centennial Square map to get a high resolution image suitable for printing.

Full programs, map and info also available in Victoria News Group newspapers this week: Victoria News, Saanich News, Oak Bay News, Goldstream Gazette, Peninsula News Review and Sooke News Mirror.




Cool Aid Culture – Musicians and Stage Bios


Mark Ashby

Playing 60s-style rock and original works, Mark is excited to give back and share his regard for the Cool Aid Society and the services that it provides.

Children of Celebrities

Monday Magazine describes them as, “inhabiting that nebulous middle ground between country, bluegrass and whatever it is that Tom Waits does.” Children of Celebrities consist mostly of Cool Aid staff that has contributed to the organization’s successes in the last 40 years.

Sarah Ann Chisholm

Cool Aid’s very own thespian, Sarah has been working as a summer challenge student in the Downtown Community Activity Centre this summer. Sarah will be performing a short piece from a musical.

The Essentials

A fresh new jibe on vintage rock and roll, The Essentials are a hot ticket item that have been presented at numerous locations in Victoria, ranging from the downtown night spots to the venerable Empress Hotel.

Keith Jenkins

Presenting a unique spin on Miming; Keith is a living statue whose “stone cold” silence will intrigue and mesmerize you. Is that a real live person there??

Lee Hammer

A performing and recording artist for the last 40 years, Lee brings a combination of country, folk and southern blues to the stage. Some may remember the song “HOPE” written and performed by Lee on CBC Radio.

Jamie Hillier

Having performed musical acts and theatrical performances over a span of 40 years, Jamie believes that music is one of the most important healing aspects of his life. Jamie extends his thanks to Cool Aid for the services they offer, through his screen music performance.

James Kasper

Monday Magazine describes James Kasper as having, “haunting vocals and strong song writing.” Believing in building community and inspiring people to reach their potential, we welcome him and his band mates sharing their folk music on our stage.

Sarah Kirsh & Bob Goodwin

Opera vocalist Sarah Kirsch has studied and performed throughout North America, most recently at the BC 150 celebration main stage, bringing with her a fresh look at classical singing. Pianist Bob Goodwin has been involved in a plethora of projects.  He is currently the assistant director and accompanist of the Spirit Rising Choir and also performs with his wife Sylvia.

Louise MacLaren

Poet Louise MacLaren was propelled to developing her creative skills both in writing and other artistic mediums as a method to cope and express her experiences with bi-polar disorder. She believes that individuals who live with mood disorders are highly creative and can possess a unique talent often not found or appreciated.


Has been playing and writing music for the last 30 years. Mark is a lover of life and is excited to share his gifts with those attending the Cool Aid reunion.

Gary McDougall

The folk songs written and performed by Gary, a Cool Aid employee, are an expression of his life experiences and personal introspection. He believes that creativity is a gift designed by God for the greater understanding of self and that this gift should be used to benefit the world around us.

Metro’s Dulcimer Sounds

Playing this unique instrument for the last 25 years, Metro takes pride in bringing a sense of peace and joy to the ears of those that are listening to his music.

Midnight Star

Her poetry is meant to inspire the imagination and free the mind and soul.

The Nine of Wands

A Psychic – a Seer, working all levels of the Metaphysical. In the maze of parallels…she will be in full costume, roaming the site, “working” the Tarot deck… reading 1 to 3 cards for anyone who asks.

Open Door Choir with Louise Rose

The Open Door Choir at “Our Place” is an eclectic group of Our Place patrons and supporters that meets once weekly – Wednesday from noon until one – at Our Place.  The choir’s repertoire is almost everything you could imagine.

Random Acts of Violin

We don’t know when, and we don’t know where…but keep your ears open for the soothing melodies of violin to woo your Saturday spirits!


Rena is a self taught performer who has been playing for the last 20 years. Her lyrics reflect where she has been in life. Having personal experiences with street life here in Victoria, Rena uses her blues and rock-influenced music to inspire herself and those around her.

The Roper Show

Playing shows for the last year, Jesse, Travis and Steve are excited to be offering their rock and blues to Cool Aid Culture while preparing for their first tour.

Spoons & Therin

As an original member of the Open Door Choir, Ken enjoys doing, “a little of this and a little of that” musically and will be sharing his very unusual electronic instrument, a therin, during an experimental set for Cool Aid Culture.

Christian Tatonetti

Christian is an award winning composer playing guitar, piano and sitar. He will be showcasing his talent specifically on the sitar, and is looking forward to performing at the event.

The Three M’s

The Three M’s play an eclectic assortment of acoustic and electric merged into folk, blues, jazz, rock and roll. They have lived and played on the West Coast for the last five years. Contributing to Cool Aid’s culture is a natural effort in raising awareness around the services and support the organization provides.


Having tapped into the source of words and gained insights, Tara’s analytical style of poetry manoeuvres sentence structure to lay the groundwork for emotional release.

Weak Patrol

Weak Patrol entertains a diverse audience with their cross-genre, high-energy repertoire; ranging from humorously political, to fun bubble-punk, to aggressive rock.  Weak Patrol, in one statement, is anything but weak!

Willow Song

Performing an aria from “The Ballad of the Baby Doe”, Natalie is a classical vocalist who has performed Canada wide. She received her Masters of Arts from the University of Western Ontario.


When Asked how to describe themselves, Zolabud said: “Mix 2 cups of ‘Thin King’, one cup of ‘punish’, and a tablespoon of ‘rough edge’, gently stirred with a bit of dynamic rock groove, and you have Zolabud.”

Cool Aid Culture – Artists Bios

Myrna Adams

Myrna Adams has been an artisan and craftsperson for many years and recently took up the art of making pine needle baskets.  Her baskets are handcrafted from locally gathered materials in the ancient basket coiling method, with waxed cotton or raffia, and decorated with beadwork.

Jeremy Aiyadurai

At the age of 22 years, Jeremy Aigadyrai began his sojourn as a painter.  He explores the interplay of bright colours and energy layered on canvas as an act of healing.  He will be selling posters of his work and displaying original pieces.  He also enjoys creating web sites for artists to enhance the overall betterment of all people.

Maurizio Baldini

Maurizio has a background in mathematics and law, has been a mental health advocate for over 25 years, and attended the Victoria College of Art. His sculptures and drawings help keep his life balanced and express his emotions.

Alan Black

Alan is a cartoon artist who describes his work as being somewhat influenced by his past work with Cool Aid. He likes to put humour into everyday situations, including around homelessness.  Besides being the kid who did art work at school instead of studies, Alan has always drawn and hopes one day to be published.  If you look around some local Bookstores you will see some of his books for sale and he will bring some to the Festival.

Elizabeth Bogod

A self-taught artist, Elizabeth Bogod works with many different mediums – from painting and pastels to computer graphics.  Her work includes styles such as cubist, landscape, abstract and realist.  Her work will be on sale during the Cool Aid Culture event.

Gayle Chapman

Through struggling with mental illness Gayle used art as the vehicle to overcome addition and find self confidence. Painting is a new media for her and one she finds very satisfying. Gayle is a member of The Empress Bay Art Collective.

Harvey Courchesne

Harvey creates beautiful carvings out of soapstone.  His work includes carvings of First Nations spirits, such as the Spirit Toad praying for Rain, and other pieces with intricate detail.

Margaret Cox

Interested in many aspects of arts and crafts, Margaret will be sharing her knowledge of basket making during the event.  She also has a deep and abiding interest in Native culture which is evident in her work.

Jason Delange

Born in New Westminster in 1972, Jason Delange wants his art to make you smile!  To him, art is simply fun.  In the future, he’d like to become, “a brain surgeon or a sumo wrestler.”  His fall-back plan is to pursue his art, particularly in the field of Claymation.  He participated in the Seven Oaks Art Shows this year.

Tony Van Deven

Tony Van Deven will be performing a demonstration of his soapstone carving abilities at the Cool Aid Culture event and selling some of his drawings.  He has always enjoyed working with his hands and has worked in machine shops, airbrushed vehicles, painted murals, made tables and cabinets, and much more. He is a multi-talented individual whose passion for art will inspire you. His sketches adorn the Arts Festival materials.


“Art amazes me.  Art gives life to your eyes.  Art is colourful feelings… and happiness… and ideas of looking at pictures.  My dream is to be an Eskimo.”  Doreen participated in the Seven Oaks Art Shows this year.

Keith Eden

Keith Eden was born on April 15th, 1945.  He is a photographer, who loves taking pictures with his box camera and reflex camera.  He was a participant in the Seven Oaks Art Shows this year.  “Art is an amazing form of working my sense of touch and understanding.”

Sarah Eden

Sarah owns a company called Chain Me Up.  She takes a Medieval form of art, Chain Mail to a Modern edge.  Through the use of quality materials, and embellishments like crystals, beads and charms and unusual pieces like body suits and bikinis she raises this jewellery form to an artful status.

Peter Goodman

Portrait artist Peter Goodman began using art as a healing mechanism while fighting cancer, but drawing rapidly became his life’s passion.  In discovering his artistic talents, he learned to know himself better and began to express his life story.

Lynne and James Henry

Both Lynne and James Henry are Métis Elders, members of the Aboriginal Committee for Empowerment.  They create beautiful jewellery, baskets, carved boxes, medicine bags and woven art.

Wendy Hovind

Producing purses, accessories and clothing from recycled materials, Wendy Hovind is a sewing diva,  who focuses on creating one-of-a-kind pieces.  She does a great deal of custom work (taking pieces from the initial idea to a completed project), alterations and repairs.

Motuz Joe

A member of the Aboriginal Committee for Empowerment, Motuz Joe is a Métis jewellery craftsman.  He has been creating jewellery for 39 years, designing his own pieces.  His display at the Cool Aid Culture event will be made up of necklaces he’s produced, but he also makes earrings, bracelets, and pieces with beaded leather.

Shane-Michael Johnson

Shane, a graduate of Western Academy of Photography admits to being drawn to the darker side, or so called “underbelly of Victoria”.  Although skilled in color photography, he likes the contrasts obtained with black and white photos. His work has been featured in numerous shows. Shane says he would rather gather comments on the social activisim of his work, then sell it. He admires the work of Ansel Adams.

James Labbé

James Labbé is a self-taught, Métis, wildlife artist whose exquisite work expresses the beauty of nature.  His hope is to impress upon people the value and importance of the natural world; he has created several murals throughout the Victoria area. His work draws heavily on Aboriginal symbols and themes.

Dora Lazo and Kevin Spencer

Dora and Kevin created K&D Exposures to showcase their photography.  Kevin has a love of landscapes and Doris specializes in Macro (close up) photography. Together they create a myriad of fresh still life’s embracing the West Coast Scenery in photos, posters, calendars and art cards.

Michael Lewis

We are pleased to have well-known, local artist Michael Lewis in the line-up.  He loves to use the warmth of the desert colors in his work and touches on social concern themes.  He admits to being heavily influenced by 1930s and 1940s American Realist painters, German Expressionist, the 1960’s art scene and the Sunday Funnies.

Tanya Locke

Art soars in Tanya Locke’s hands.  She manages her deep feelings through art, and hopes that through it people can see the kind of person she is.  Tanya participated in the Seven Oaks Art Shows this year.

Tiffany Lowe

Inspired by her art teacher at Seven Oaks, Tiffany Lowe has put a lot of work into painting and art shows.  From the time she completed her very first painting, she has not wanted to stop. She believes art is therapy for her and interpretation for others to enjoy.  She participated in the Seven Oaks Art Show earlier in this year.

Dianne Mark

Now making the West Coast her home, Dianne is embarking on making painting, sculpting, writing and singing her new vocations. She has a Masters of Arts in English and Creative writing. Gayle is a member of The Empress Bay Art Collective.

Elsie Louie and André Motuz

Elsie Louie and André Motuz are both members of the Aboriginal Committee for Empowerment, formed through Our Place.  This group hopes to showcase the artistic abilities of the First Nations People.  Elsie and André produce jewellery and contemporary bead crafting.

Deborah E. Norton

Deborah, an artist who hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in years became inspired in 2000 to paint again, after taking a Floral Design course.  She now creates abstracts and multi-media art work

Donna McKenna

A graduate of SFU’s Contemporary Arts program in Dance, Donna McKenna discovered painting much later in her life.  She feels that life is art, saying, “Life is the richest canvas, one that we create moment to moment, every single day.” Donna’s medium of choice is oil paints.

Eileen-Heather Pritchard

Eileen, the Art Festival’s event coordinator, will display a recent watercolour featuring her love of birds. She admittedly hasn’t done any art for years, but became inspired while working with the talented line up of artists who are participating in Cool Aid Culture.

Carol Russell

“Like the window on the shelves, the colour brown reminds me of chocolate in my paint brush, turning green, yellow, orange, red, blue, then yellow, then white!  I am an artist for tomorrow and I draw my paint brush in a circle, then a triangle, then a square, then a heart.”  Carol participated in the Seven Oaks Art Shows this year.

Patricia Smith

Jewellery maker Patricia Smith began her work while making crafts projects with her daughters.  She loves her work for its creative and therapeutic value, and finds both beading and photography fun. She says, “It’s not about the money. If I make someone smile, it’s all worth it.”

Yvonne Sproule

Yvonne Sproule is a jewellery designer, songwriter and singer.  She has travelled a great deal in her life, both in Canada and further abroad while working as a model.  Her wide range of interests add a great deal of depth to her work, both in jewellery design and in song writing.

Kerry Steinmann

Kerry takes his art to many outdoor environments in Victoria, and the Gulf Islands.  He is a Landscape Designer who is displaying his one of a kind piece of driftwood at the Cool Aid Culture Arts Festival. This titanic piece of wood, was reclaimed from the West Coast shoreline, cleaned and then hand detailed with paint.  You may reserve a bid on this large piece of “Natural Sculpture” to enhance your property or business and support Cool Aid as well.  Please go to to make a bid.

Joanne Thomson

Joanne Thomson is an enthusiastic and versatile artist, illustrator and art instructor.  You can often find her in the forest or along the shore with sketchbook and paints.  Her “Bottled” series presents darkly humorous paintings of human interaction. Joanne is one of the featured artists doing demonstrations at the Festival. Come and be one of the people painted in her bottle.

Nathan Tribull

A participant in the Seven Oaks Art Shows earlier this year, Nathan feels that art is a means of self-expression, encompassing all sorts of colors and shapes.  Although he was born in Ontario, he currently resides in Victoria.

Dale Whitford

Dale Whitford has been living with schizophrenia since his early 20s.  To him, art is a great coping instrument for keeping a balanced and healthy life. His paintings reflect his visions and hallucinations derived from his illness.  He was a part of the Seven Oaks Art Show earlier this year.

Jennie Whitman

A visual artist by choice, who deals with the illness of Schizophrenia, Jennie has submitted some watercolor and ink work for her part in the Empress Bay Art Collective exhibit.

E. Marie Williams

During the Cool Aid Culture event, Marie Williams will be displaying examples of her Native beadwork and retelling the history of beadwork (from dream catchers to earrings).  She is from the Squamish Nation, and she has been making and selling her beadwork for the past 13 years.

Martin Wright

Born in England, Martin came to Canada in 1967 to do freelance photography for Expo. He has featured other travels throughout Canada and Spain in his expansive portfolio.
A very creative and caring individual, Martin is also a musician when not doing his day gig in the Social Services field.