Homelessness touches many lives at a significant cost to communities. The Cool Aid Society has been a key player in the work to end homelessness in the Capital Region for decades and, with your help, is developing 360 more apartments for people who are currently homeless.


We act to end homelessness by working in partnership with others to develop community-based solutions.  We are committed to working in a non-judgmental way with adults experiencing marginalization in Greater Victoria by advocating for and providing emergency shelter, supportive housing, integrated health care and other support services.

Our Vision

The Victoria Cool Aid Society acts to end homelessness and improve our quality of life by working with others to build a community where:

  • No one is forced to sleep on the street or go hungry.
  • Everyone who needs supportive housing is getting it.
  • Integrated health care service to treat illness and promote wellness is provided.
  • Integrated services are provided to those with mental health and addiction issues.

Guiding Principles

  • Meet clients where they are at and see things from their point of view.
  • Practice reliability, good faith and integrity in all our relationships.
  • Recognize and value the contributions of our clients, staff, volunteers, donors and partners.
  • Embrace diversity and honour all cultures, identities and experiences.
  • Cultivate partnerships to strengthen community.
  • Foster an environment that promotes equity, well-being and safety for all.
  • Advocate for those we serve.
  • Support each other through change and innovation.
  • Take responsibility for our actions and learn from our experiences.