The Victoria Cool Aid Society is always looking for adults who would like to invest their energy, skills and time in our organization through volunteering or employment. We provide volunteers with the opportunity to become involved in our REES Support Services, emergency shelters, the Downtown Community Centre, dental and health care, supported housing and other programs.

Many volunteers are needed at the Rock Bay Landing emergency shelter for helping in the amenity areas including food services, hygiene, clothing room and storage lockers. As well, volunteers are needed for light janitorial and community clean up. If you are interested in volunteering at the Rock Bay Landing emergency shelter please call 250-383-1951 and ask for the Volunteer Administrator.

Please fill out a volunteer application form in PDF  or Word format if you are interested in one of the volunteer positions listed below and send it to the listed contact. You can expect an email or call back from them within a week or two. As well, you will need to sign a confidentiality form and have a criminal record check completed before you may start your volunteer work. Unfortunately, we are generally unable to accept volunteers younger than 19 years old within our programs.


Gina Denis


Volunteer Computer Room Support
Rock Bay Landing
Volunteer Hair Stylist
Rock Bay Landing
Volunteer: Day Services
Rock Bay Landing
Volunteer Every Step Counts Running Program
Downtown Community Centre
Volunteer: REES Program Support
465 Swift Street
Volunteer Silent Auction Fundraiser
101-749 Pandora Avenue
Until Filled